Welcome to Liberty Research

Liberty Research, Inc. is a USDA Class A licensed dealer dedicated to providing a reliable supply of high quality, barrier raised, purpose-bred Antibody Defined (AD) and conventional Felines and Canines for use in Research.

Offering a variety of services and products, Liberty maintains its status as a leading breeder of premium quality Antibody Defined and conventional felines and canines and as a provider of research services. Our Main Site houses our colony production facilities and several research buildings. We also have a separate facility dedicated to research. The research site is approximately 4 miles from our Main Site and is constructed and operated according to Animal Bio-Safety Level 2 containment guidelines as outlined by the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control. The facility consists of 10 buildings with a functional necropsy, laboratory area, two minor procedures rooms and an office on site. The HVAC system is a one-pass air system with negative pressure to the animal rooms. Temperature and humidity are controlled at the room level.